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Transfer Files Using FTP

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows you to use a program to connect to the storage space allocated to your 1&1 hosting package, so that you can transfer files from your computer to your webspace (online storage space). You connect to your webspace using a username and password created in the 1&1 Control Panel and by configuring one of many FTP programs available for download to connect to your webspace.

  • To begin, first Create a New FTP Account for your package. This will create the username and password you use to connect.
  • Next, download and configure an FTP program to connect to your webspace. Use the chart below to find a relevant Help Article that applies to your type of home computer and 1&1 Hosting package.
Linux Hosting Packages Windows Hosting Packages
Windows PC Using WinSCP
Using Core FTP
Using FileZilla
Using WinSCP
Using Core FTP
Macintosh PC Using Cyberduck Using Cyberduck