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Transfer Domains

Domain Help Centre Beta

Use the new beta version of the 1&1 Help Centre as an additional resource to learn how to complete common tasks like editing DNS settings and performing domain transfers.

You can securely transfer your domain from another provider to 1&1 in a few steps.

It's as easy as:

1. Prepare Your Domain for the Transfer
In this step, you will need to check whether your domain qualifies for the transfer and prepare the domain transfer from your current provider. You will then receive an authorization code for your domain from your current provider.

2. Start the Domain Transfer
Use the authorization code from step 1 to start the domain transfer to 1&1. You can transfer your domain into an existing contract or create a new contract for your domain. Start your domain transfer to 1&1 as follows.

3. First Steps after the Domain Transfer
You can now manage your domain in the 1&1 Control Panel. You can, for example, connect your domain to a website, create subdomains and protect your domain by means of an SSL certificate.