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High availability and maximum performance for your web page

Our high-performance computer centres are basis for the great performance of 1&1.

As 1&1 customer you benefit from the Internet solutions developed there:

  • We use a highly-developed infrastructure and several security mechanisms to protect our servers and computer centres against overload, and thus provide a high availability of your web page, even on shared systems. To ensure maximum performance/speed, we keep our hard and software up to date. Thanks to these measures we ranked Top 3 in Cloud Spectator during the last months, having a constant availability of > 99.9%.
  • Your web pages are being hosted simultaneously in two different, geographically separated computer centres. Using this geographically redundant operation we guarantee maximum availability for all data of 1&1 Hosting and eBusiness solutions. Should malfunctions happen again in one of our computer centres, we automatically switch to the second one. This way malfunction can be solved, and in the meantime the second computer centre guarantees the availability.
  • To protect the server that hosts your web page against external attacks, we constantly implement and improve required countermeasures. We use firewalls, and we also check different login mechanisms to detect and ward off attacks quickly.
  • Different monitoring systems guarantee a short reaction time in case of an attack.