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Start and Stop a 1&1 Virtual Server

Learn how to start, stop or restart a 1&1 Virtual Server using the Virtuozzo Power Panel.

A 1&1 Virtual Server may be started, restarted and shut down. The Virtuozzo Power Panel page that provides access to these functions is available via Start/Stop VPS on the Virtuozzo Power Panel menu. Find out how to change a 1&1 Virtual Server status.

Step 2
The current state of the VPS is listed in the header. Use the buttons directly underneath in order to start, stop or restart the VPS. Start, Restart, Stop
Start, Restart, Stop
Meaning of Server Status:
Running The server is running. It may only be restarted or stopped.
Down The server is stopped. It may only be started.
Repairing The server is being repaired. You cannot perform any action on the server until you press Finish Repair on the Repair Mode page.
Please note:
When stopping a 1&1 Virtual Server Linux, there is a two-minute timeout for the server shutdown scripts to be executed. If the 1&1 Virtual Server is not stopped in two minutes, the system forcibly kills all processes. The server will be killed, even if it is seriously damaged.
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