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Repair a 1&1 Virtual Server

In this article you will find out how to repair a 1&1 Virtual Server to solve functionality problems.

To repair a 1&1 Virtual Server, it is put in repair mode, meaning that a 1&1 Virtual Server is temporarily created with the same network and parameters as the broken server. The root directory of the broken server is mounted as /repair into the newly-created server. Below are the steps for repairing your 1&1 Virtual Server.

Step 1
Connect to the new 1&1 Virtual Server via SSH or Virtuozzo Power Panel File Manager using the network and login parameters of the broken 1&1 Virtual Server.
Step 2
Find the personal data to be saved and copy it to a safe location. After quitting the repair mode, the broken server can be reinstalled and the personal data can further be loaded into it.
Please note:
If you are an advanced 1&1 Virtual Server administrator, you can also identify the source of the problem and manually correct it, but save your personal data first.
Step 3
Under Maintenance, go into the Repair Mode.VPS Management > Maintenance > Repair Mode
VPS Management > Maintenance > Repair Mode
Step 4
Press Run Repair. It is not necessary to stop the 1&1 Virtual Server. If the server is running at the moment of pressing the Run Repair button, it will be automatically stopped.
Step 5
After the page has been refreshed, click Details.
Step 6
Once the 1&1 Virtual Server enters the repair mode, connect to the new server via SSH or Virtuozzo Power Panel file manager to do any desired work.
Step 7
After closing your SSH session, press Run Repair on the Virtuozzo Power Panel menu again.
Step 8
Press Finish Repair to exit repair mode. After the repair mode is exited, the broken VPS is returned to the stopped state, and you may start to check the repairing effect.
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