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Log In to Virtuozzo Power Panel

For 1&1 Virtual Server

Learn how to log in to the Virtuozzo Power Panel for 1&1 Virtual Server packages in order to perform administrational tasks.

With the Virtuozzo Power Panel system you can administer the 1&1 Virtual Server without logging in via Remote Desktop. Additionally, you can start and stop a 1&1 Virtual Server, create snapshots of your system for backup and restore your system from snapshots. Below you will find instructions on how to access the Virtuozzo Power Panel.

Step 1
In the Server Access Data section, go to the Control Panel and log in to the Virtuozzo Control Panel.
Virtuozzo Data Section
Virtuozzo Data Section
Step 2
You will be asked to accept SSL certificate.
The recommendation is that you accept it permanently, especially if you will be visiting regularly.
Step 3
The user name is root and the password is the initial password. Click Login to proceed. Virtuozzo Login Site
Virtuozzo Login Site

You will now see the main Virtuozzo Control Panel Screen.

Virtuozzo Main Screen
Virtuozzo Main Screen
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