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Edit 1&1 Virtual Server File or Folder Properties

Find out how to perform the essential file operation of editing 1&1 Virtual Server files and folder properties.

With a running 1&1 Virtual Server, you can navigate inside the directory structure, list the files and directories and copy/edit/remove files and folders. Additionally, you can upload or download files and move folders and files. The following steps will show you how to access the File Manager to edit properties.

Step 1
On the General tab of the 1&1 Virtual Server dashboard, select File Manager. File Manager
File Manager
Step 2
In the Actions column of the File Manager page, click on the hand icon to view and edit properties of a certain file or folder. Current Path File
Current Path File
Step 3
In case of Linux-based 1&1 Virtual Server, you can also change properties such as permissions and ownership. The information on general properties such as Name, Path, Size and Modified is displayed. To perform a certain operation on a number of directories or files, tick the corresponding checkboxes. The uppermost checkbox allows you to select all the directories and files at once.
When you click on Submit, your changes will be applied to the given file or folder. General Ownership and Permission Information
General Ownership and Permission Information
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