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Backup and Restoration of a 1&1 Virtual Server

1&1 Virtual Servers are defined by their operating system files, applications installed, configuration files and personal information. Virtuozzo Power Panel allows you to back up all these components. Regular backing up of the existing 1&1 Virtual Server is essential for 1&1 Virtual Server reliability.

Please note:
Ensure that you perform regular backups as 1&1 does not do them.

The Maintenance page, which allows you to perform backing up and restoring operations, opens after you click on Maintenance from the main menu. If you already have backups of the given 1&1 Virtual Server, it displays a table summarising the backups.

List of previous backups
List of previous backups
The various functions for 1&1 Virtual Server:
  • New Backup begins the process of backing up the current state of your 1&1 Virtual Server. This option is available if you have not reached the maximal number of allowed backups for your 1&1 Virtual Server. If you have, remove one of the backups first. Virtuozzo Power Panel allows you to place the backup only onto the Node where it is hosted. New Backup button
    New Backup button
  • The Restore VPS function restores the 1&1 Virtual Server backup. Only one backup should be selected. The 1&1 Virtual Server will be restored with all the values rewritten from the backup. The changes in the 1&1 Virtual Server made after the date of this backup will be lost after it has been restored.
    Restoration option
    Restoration option
  • Remove Backups removes the 1&1 Virtual Server backups currently selected in the table to provide extra space for new backups. Remove Backups button
    Remove Backups button
  • If you have reached the maximum number of backups, click on Renew Backup to renew A backup without deleting existing backups. By default, the oldest backup is renewed. Renew Backup
    Renew Backup
  • Click on a backup data to open the Backup Details page where you can restore or remove the corresponding 1&1 Virtual Server backup.
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