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Use the Rescue System in 1&1 Virtual Server Linux

Find out how to use the Rescue System in your 1&1 Virtual Server Linux.

If your 1&1 Virtual Server Linux will not boot or you need to make a change while the file system is not mounted, you can use the the 1&1 Virtual Server Repair Mode.

Step 2
From the Container Management menu, click on Maintenance. Container Management
Container Management
Step 3
Select the Repair Mode tab if not already selected. Click Start Repair to boot the 1&1 Virtual Server into the Repair Mode. Repair Mode information displayed
Repair Mode information displayed
Step 4
You will be informed the your 1&1 Virtual Server is booting in the Repair Mode. Connect to the 1&1 Virtual Server using SSH to make any necessary changes or backup your data.

If you need to transfer data off/to the 1&1 Virtual Server and your PC is running a Windows OS, we suggest the use of WinSCP. Container scheduled to start in repair mode
Container scheduled to start in repair mode
Step 5
When finished, exit the Repair Mode to boot the 1&1 Virtual Server into the normal mode. Access the same Maintenance section of Virtuozzo and click Finish Repair to exit Repair Mode. Conclude Repair
Conclude Repair
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