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What is Server Migration?

Server Migration is simply the act of moving your server data and configuration from one server to another. Sometimes this migration is from one server platform to another, such as from a 1&1 Virtual Server to a 1&1 Cloud Server.

Typically, the act of migrating your server is done manually. This is partly because there is no way to automate the migration of one server platform to another (such as moving from a 1&1 VPS to a 1&1 Cloud Server), but also because all of our servers (aside from 1&1 Managed Server) come with root or administrator access, allowing you to have full control over the setup and configuration of the server. This results in a greater potential for complications to arise during any kind of one-size-fits-all automated migration solution.

This is why we recommend that our customers who are considering a move to a different server, order the new server first. You can then setup your initial configuration and migrate your data from the old server to the new server. We recommend that you contact our Server Support team, who may be able to give you some general guidance or offer a small discount for the first month of a new server, if you plan to migrate from an older 1&1 server.