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What is 1&1 Professional Backup?

1&1 Professional Backup is offered as automated backup solution, an alternative to the FTP Server Backup Space also offered by 1&1.

1&1 Professional Backup offers a secure and easy solution to your disaster prevention and recovery needs. By keeping your data backed up at a remote location, your data remains available even in the event of total data loss due to hard drive failure and RAID array corruption. By purchasing the Professional Backup add-on through the 1&1 Shop, you can back up as many servers as you like without a storage limit.

Some of the benefits of 1&1 Professional Backup include:

  • Complete backups without suspending or shutting down the server
  • Schedule backups that will continue after a sudden or unexpected reboot
  • Encrypted backups (AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish-448) through password protection
  • Transmission of encrypted data via secure connection using port 443
  • Create multiple backup accounts to separate your backup data from other servers' data
  • Includes backup software (GUI) for Windows servers and command-line utility for Linux servers
  • For Windows servers and MSSQL databases
  • Back up System State
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