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Manage 1&1 Professional Backup for Windows

Learn how to select which files and folders should be backed up using 1&1 Professional Backup Manager for Windows.

Step 2
Run the 1&1 Backup Manger from the Start Menu.
Step 3
Click on the plus signs next the folders to navigate deeper into subfolders. Expand folders to expose subfolders
Expand folders to expose subfolders
Step 4
Tick the empty boxes to select which folders or files should be scheduled for backup. Folder selection
Folder selection
Step 5
When finished, close the window and wait for the next scheduled backup or click Start backup in order to run a backup immediately.
Please note:
The 1&1 Backup Manager uses TCP port 443 for communicating with the backup server. Please ensure firewalls, as well as IP Security Policy, are not set to block incoming and outgoing traffic on TCP port 443.
Finish with selections
Finish with selections

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