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Update PHP on 1&1 Server with Plesk

Follow the steps below to update your version of PHP using Plesk.

Before you begin, ensure that iptables, IP Sec, or any other firewall/packet filter are not blocking port 8447.

Step 2
Once in the Plesk menu, find Tools & Utilities located under Server Management. Plesk Home menu
Plesk Home menu
Step 3
Under Panel, click on Updates. Panel Overview
Panel Overview
Step 4
Click on Add Components.Summary of Installations and Updates
Summary of Installations and Updates
Step 5
Find the check box that says Different PHP interpreter versions and underneath, check for a newer version that is not currently installed. If a newer version of PHP is available, select it and click on Continue. Addition to product components
Addition to product components
Step 6
As the upgrade runs, a log of actions being performed is shown on the page as well as a progress bar. Such upgrades should take less than 15 minutes. Progress of installation
Progress of installation
Step 7
A message will be displayed when the upgrade has completed successfully. Click OK to return to the update panel or close the session. Process completed
Process completed

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