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Install a Dedicated SSL Certificate in Plesk

Learn how to install a dedicated SSL certificate that you ordered from 1&1 for Plesk.

Setting up the SSL Certificate is a two-part process. First, you add the SSL Certificate to the server via Plesk using the private key and certificate files you have received. Then, you link the SSL with the domain it was ordered for and with the IP that the domain uses.

The domain should already be added and configured in Plesk before following the next steps.

Step 1
Step 2
Once in the Plesk menu, find Tools & Utilities located under Server Management. Plesk Home menu
Plesk Home menu
Step 3
From Resources, click on SSL Certificates. Available resources
Available resources
Step 4
Click on the Add SSL Certificate icon. SSL Certificates overview
SSL Certificates overview
Step 5
Fill out the certificate name (A). In the Domain name section (B), enter the domain/ subdomain for which the Certificate is needed. Copy and paste the full private key and certificate into the respective text boxes (C). When all the fields have been completed, click on Send Text.
Please note:
The SSL will not be configured correctly if it was ordered for www.domain.co.uk and it is set up in Plesk as only domain.co.uk
New certificate information
New certificate information
Step 6
You are taken back to the SSL Certificates page in Plesk and informed the SSL was added successfully. You will also see the SSL certificate name you had chosen. Setup was successful
Setup was successful
Step 7
Link the SSL Certificate with both the domain name and an IP by going back to the Plesk Home page and selecting Tools & Utilities.
Plesk Home menu
Plesk Home menu
Step 8
Choose IP Addresses. Tools & Settings menu
Tools & Settings menu
Step 9
Click the IP Address that the domain uses. IP addresses management
IP addresses management
Step 10
From the first drop-down menu, choose the SSL Certificate name you used to create the new SSL.
Mapping of SSL certificate
Mapping of SSL certificate
Step 11
Next, choose the correct domain from the second drop-down box that the SSL was ordered for and click OK.
Mapping of default site
Mapping of default site

The SSL Certificate should now be fully installed and configured on the server. Open a browser and navigate to https://www.domain.co.uk/ where domain.co.uk is your domain or subdomain that uses the SSL to test.

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