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Add an Additional IP to Plesk

For Linux

Learn how to add an IP purchased through the 1&1 Control Panel to Plesk.

To add an IP in Plesk, you must have an additional IP address provided by 1&1. Once ordered, you must ensure that the domain points to the correct IP in the DNS settings.

Please note:
If you have been contacted by 1&1 regarding an IP address change, you do not need to purchase an additional IP/make DNS changes. The notice you received regarding the IP address change from 1&1 should contain the replacement IP address to add.
Step 1
Step 2
Under Plesk's Home menu, click on Tools & Settings.
Plesk Home menu
Plesk Home menu
Step 3
Under Tools & Settings, click on IP Addresses. Tools & Settings overview
Tools & Settings overview
Step 4
Click on Add IP Address. IP addresses management
IP addresses management
Step 5
In the text box, type the new IP address followed by /32. This is to specify that the IP should use a 32bit subnet mask, ensuring proper functionality of your IP.

Select the IP to be Shared or Dedicated. Shared IPs can be used by multiple clients and domains whereas an dedicated IP can only be assigned to one client.

When finished, click OK. New IP address added
New IP address added

The IP address has been added.Confirmation of added address

Confirmation of added address

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