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Boot a 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server using Windows Rescue System

For 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server Windows

Learn how to boot your 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server into the Rescue System in the event that the server will not boot or needs repair.

The Windows Rescue System is a limited Windows-based operating system that allows you to edit system configurations and the Windows Registry, as well as to transfer files to/from the server's hard drive via FTP. Linux Rescue systems are also available for use with Windows Servers although support for NTFS file systems is not available.

The following steps will teach you how to boot your 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server to the Windows Rescue System if your server has become inaccessible.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
In the Server Administration panel, click on the Server Administration bullet point. Server Administration panel
Server Administration panel
Step 3
Select the instance that you would like to recover, using the corresponding check-box. Server instances
Server instances
Step 4
From the drop-down menu labelled Administration, select Recovery Tool. Administration of Windows Server
Administration of Windows Server
Step 5
Select Windows 64-bit Rescue System and click Next. Recovery Tool for server
Recovery Tool for server
Step 6
A password will be shown to access the VNC console. Click OK to proceed. Confirm Action
Confirm Action
Step 7
Click on Start VNC Console. In progress
In progress
Step 8
Click Start VNC Remote Console. VNC Remote Console details
VNC Remote Console details
Step 9
A new window will appear, asking you to keep it open in order to retain the VNC connection and to use the VNC Remote Console. VNC Pop-up window
VNC Pop-up window
Step 10
The VNC Console window will appear. Use the command prompt or any of the three available applications to perform any actions. VNC Console window
VNC Console window

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