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Additional Disk Space for a 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server

For Windows Server 2008 and 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server Windows

Learn how to increase your partition after adding additional disk space to your server via the 1&1 Control Panel.

With 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Servers you can increase hardware resources to upgrade the amount of available hard drive space. The space is not automatically added, so you can refer to the steps outlined below to your partition size via Remote Desktop.

Step 2
From the Start menu, right-click Computer and select Manage. Start Menu
Start Menu
Step 3
Open the Storage menu and click on Disk Management. Server Manager overviews
Server Manager overviews
Step 4
After increasing the disk space for the Cloud Server through the 1&1 Control Panel, there is around 100GB of unallocated space. Right-click Disk 0 and select Convert to Dynamic Disk to increase the partition size. Disk space displayed
Disk space displayed
Step 5
Ensure that the disk is selected and click on OK. Convert to Dynamic Disk
Convert to Dynamic Disk
Step 6
Click on Convert. Disk for conversion displayed
Disk for conversion displayed
Step 7
Click on Yes to confirm that you wish to convert the disk. Warning message
Warning message
Step 8
The disk will be converted will be listed as Dynamic. Dynamic disk description
Dynamic disk description
Step 9
Right-click the drive letter (partition) to increase and select Extend Volume. Driver details
Driver details
Step 10
The Extend Volume Wizard opens. Click Next to continue. Welcome message of Extend Volume Wizard
Welcome message of Extend Volume Wizard
Step 11
Choose how much larger you would like to make the drive (partition). In this example, the D:\ partition is extended, using the total unallocated space by leaving the default settings.

Click Next to continue. Disk selection
Disk selection
Step 12
Click Finish to resize the partition. Summary of actions to be taken
Summary of actions to be taken

The partition is extended to the value specified. The partition resizing is now complete. Partition complete

Partition complete

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