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Access a 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server Linux via VNC Remote Console

Learn how to use VNC Remote Console and XVP Viewer to access your 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server Linux.

In order to use the VNC Remote Console, you will have to have already installed Java Runtime Environment. These easy step-by-step instructions will show you how access your 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server Linux.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Click on the Server Administration panel title from the 1&1 Control Panel Start page.

Server Administration panel
Server Administration panel
Step 3
Check the box next to a Cloud server instance and then select VNC Remote Console from the Administration drop-down. Administration > VNC Remote Console
Administration > VNC Remote Console
Step 4
Click on Start VNC Remote Console.
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VNC Remote Console overview
VNC Remote Console overview
Step 5
A new window will ask you to keep this window open in order to retain the VNC connection. Warning message
Warning message

After a moment, a Java window will open showing the VNC connection to your server. You may have to click a button to allow the Java applet to run.
Linux Example
Example Linux Screen
Example Linux Screen
Windows Example
Example Windows Screen
Example Windows Screen
Step 6
You may now log in. If your server is running Linux, you may need to press ENTER to access the login prompt. Linux Login
Linux Login

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