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Re-Image a Windows Server

Learn how to wipe your server clean of all data and perform a new operating system installation on the system.

Executing the re-imaging process allows you to empty your disk contents so that you can re-install contains a new system.

Please note:
All data and system settings will be destroyed by the re-image process. Please backup any vital data before initialising the re-image.

Follow the steps outlined below to begin with the re-image.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
From the Server Administration panel, click on Server Re-image
Server Administration > Server Re-image
Server Administration > Server Re-image

Step 3
In the text box, enter the New initial password which will be used as the administrator user password for the new operating system install. Choose the operating system image to install and click Next. List of operating systems
List of operating systems
Step 4
Read any additional information on the page, verify the password once again and when ready, click the Initialise button to begin the re-image. Start with re-image
Start with re-image
Step 5
A confirmation page informs you that the re-image has begun. Re-images for Windows Servers may take between 1-3 hours. If you are waiting longer than 3 hours, please contact our Dedicated Server Support Team.

Click on Go To Overview to return to the Administration of the 1&1 Control Panel. Re-image in progress
Re-image in progress

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