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Check Disks for Errors in the Windows Rescue System

Learn how to use the Check Disk command from the Windows Rescue System to check your hard drive for errors.

Follow the steps outlined below to enter into the Windows Rescue Mode to check the partition for errors and execute repairs if necessary.

Step 2
Log into the Windows Rescue system by typing your server's IP address followed by :5800 in the browser URL bar such as
Please note:
If you set the server to boot into the Windows Rescue system, use the password that was provided by the 1&1 Control Panel during the process.
If an agent from the Dedicated Server Support Team set the server to boot to the Windows Rescue System, use your initial password.
VNC Authentication screen
VNC Authentication screen
Step 3
At the command prompt, run the chkdsk command followed by the drive letter and /r to run the utility, locate bad sectors and recover readable information. Command prompt for drive R
Command prompt for drive R
Step 4
The Utility will begin to check the partition. Depending on the size of the partition or amounts of errors found, it may take between minutes to hours. Allow the utility to run until it is complete. If you are logged out of the rescue system, log back to resume the session. Partition check in progress
Partition check in progress
Step 5
When the check is complete, the terminal will output a summary of actions taken, if any. File system was checked
File system was checked

If there are other partitions that need to be checked, follow the same steps and specify the drive letter of the next partition to be checked such as chkdsk d: /r or chkdsk e: /r.

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