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Access a Windows Server via the Serial Console

In this article you will learn how to access a Windows Server via the Serial Console, using the information in your 1&1 Control Panel.

With a Serial Console, you can access the information on your server, even when it is no longer available via the network. Follow the steps below to find out how to do this with an SSH client.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Click on the Server Administration panel title from the 1&1 Control Panel Start page.

Server Administration panel
Server Administration panel
Step 3
Click the Serial Console icon in the Server Administration section of the 1&1 Control Panel. More Features of Server
More Features of Server
Step 4
You will be shown the Serial Console address and User name. The password is not displayed in the 1&1 Control Panel as a security precaution. If you have forgotten your password, enter a new one twice and click Change. Please take note of the password so you do not have to change it again later.
Step 5
Download an SSH client. It is suggested to download Putty, saving it to your Desktop.
Step 6
Double-click the PuTTY executable on your Desktop (or wherever you may have saved the file) to launch the application.
Step 7
Once the program is open, enter the Serial Console address or hostname which is sercon.onlinehome-server.com and click Open.
PuTTY Configuration
PuTTY Configuration
Step 8
The Serial Console server will issue PuTTY the host key fingerprint that will be used for encryption. Click Yes to accept it.
PuTTY Security Alter
PuTTY Security Alter
Step 9
Type your Serial Console user name and press ENTER.
User name to be entered
User name to be entered
Step 10
Enter your Serial Console password and press ENTER.
Please note:
As you type, no characters will be displayed on the screen.
Password to be entered
Password to be entered
Step 11
When you see the text Escape character is '^]'. this means the connection was successful. Escape character is '^]'.
Escape character is '^]'.

Hit ENTER to get the Serial Console command prompt. Command prompt
Command prompt
Step 12
For a listing of available commands for the Serial Console, type the help command and press ENTER. Available commands
Available commands
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