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Support Provided for Windows Servers

Support for 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Servers, 1&1 Virtual Servers and 1&1 Dedicated Servers is limited. 1&1 Servers are not maintained by our staff as full administrative access is supplied to the customer. This provides our customers with the most flexibility in configuring the server to run a vast degree of technologies while at the same time limiting interference from 1&1. Our support staff is unable to see your administrator password and therefore unable to perform any administrative tasks on your server. Administration of the server is solely the responsibility of the account owner.

For issues outside of your control such as network trouble, hardware replacement, Parallels products, 1&1 Control Panel, please contact our Dedicated Server Support or support@1and1.co.uk.

Our Dedicated Support Staff is also available to offer guidance in disaster recovery situations in order to educate our customers on the utilisation of the Recovery Tool, Backup Space, Serial Console and many others. Many articles exist within our FAQ site on such topics as well to provide alternate means of help.

In cases of hardware failure, please contact our Dedicated Support Staff by telephone so that the matter can be investigated and faulty hardware replaced free of charge.

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