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Log In to Windows Server via Remote Desktop

Learn how to connect to your Windows Server using Remote Desktop.

Find your server information before logging on to your server via Remote Desktop.

Step 1
If your home or work computer is a Windows Operating System, the Remote Desktop application will already be installed.

Windows XP
Click the Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection or
Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection From Start Menu
From Start Menu

If you cannot find the Remote Desktop Connection icon, look in the Accessories sub-menus. The icon may be in a non-standard location.

Windows Vista/Windows 7:
Click Start Menu and in the search box, type Remote Desktop. Click the icon to launch.
From search
From search
Step 2
In the Remote Desktop window, type your IP address of your server or a domain that points to the server and click Connect. Remote Desktop Connection prompt
Remote Desktop Connection prompt
Step 3
If you are prompted by a Security Warning, click Connect. Security Warning search
Security Warning search
Step 4
If using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you may have to select Use another account. Available accounts
Available accounts
Step 5
By default, you will use the User Name and Password listed in the 1&1 Control Panel in the Server Access Data section. Enter the username and password and click OK to connect. Enter your credentials
Enter your credentials
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