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Default Port Settings on a 1&1 Server Windows

Learn how to do an initial setup of port settings for your 1&1 Dedicated Server Windows.

For security reasons, almost all the ports in Windows Server 2003 are closed initially (or after a re-image of your Windows Server). Before you can use the server for FTP, you must open the default ports as outlined below.

Please note:
If your server is running Windows Server 2008, these common ports will already be open. It is suggested to check the "IP Security Policies on Local Computer" and allow/block access as necessary for your setup.

Step 2
Once logged into the server, click on Activate Default Filter Rules.
Shortcuts on your Desktop
Shortcuts on your Desktop
Step 3
You are asked to confirm that you are aware the following ports will be opened:
Port 80/443 (HTTP/HTTPS - Web Server)
Port 8098 (HTTPS - Web Administration Interface)
Port 20/21 (FTP Server)
Port 25 (SMTP/Mail Server)

Click Yes to open these ports. Prompt to activate rules
Prompt to activate rules
Step 4
The shell window will close itself and the IPSec window will appear to allow you to open up additional ports. List of ports
List of ports

Please note:
Never deactivate the remote Desktop Filter. If you do, you will not be able to connect to your server.
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