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Turn Off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration

For 1&1 Dedicated Server Windows

Follow the steps below to deactivate Internet Explorer Security Configuration on your Windows server. The article is split into two sections: steps for Windows 2003/2008 and steps for Windows 2012.

Windows 2003/2008
Step 1
Under System Control, navigate to software.
Step 2
Click Add/Delete Windows Components.
Step 3
In the following window, delete the tick at "Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" and click Next.
Step 4
The deactivation is complete. To finish the process please click Finish.
Windows 2012
Step 1
From the Server Manager, select Local Server from the left.
Step 2
Find IE Enhanced Security Configuration in the Properties section.
Step 3
Click On. In the new window that appears, select Off for Administrators. Then, click OK.

The Enhanced Security Configuration is now deactivated.