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Set Up a Website in Windows Server 2008

Learn how to set up your website using your Windows Server 2008.

Step 2
Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
Step 3
Click on the + symbol next to the computer name (the U number) to expand the menu. IIS Manager overview
IIS Manager overview
Step 4
Create a new web site by right-clicking on Site then Add Web Site... Available connections
Available connections
Step 5
For the Site name and Host name fill in domain.com where domain.com is your domain name. Add Web Site window
Add Web Site window
Step 6
For the Physical path: next to the ... of the text box, click on either Data (D:) or another drive letter other then System (C:). The C: drive is for system data and not very large.
Step 7
Click on Make New Folder and type in the new folder name. You can do this again to create a subfolder by clicking on the folder you just created and clicking on Make New Folder a second time. Click on OK.
Browse For Folder
Browse For Folder

Now you can upload the files using either remote desktop or setup the server as an ftp server. If you are only uploading files for the website, use remote desktop. If the person uploading the files has poor Internet connection or you do not want to give remote desktop access, then setup ftp.