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Redirect Traffic for a Site on Windows Server 2008

For 1&1 Dedicated Server Windows. Parallel Plesk users should re-image their server.

This article describes how to perform a redirection manually in IIS. The first section of this article describes a simple redirection. The second part of this articles describes the steps needed if redirecting to a secure site hosted on the same server.

Simple Redirection
Step 2
Open IIS Manager by clicking Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. Desktop search
Desktop search
Step 3
Expand the Connections tree and select the site that will be redirected elsewhere. Available connections
Available connections
Step 4
Find and double-click the HTTP Redirect icon in the IIS section. Homepage
Step 5
Check the box for Redirect requests to this destination and enter the URL to which traffic should be redirected. Optionally, you can select the redirect status code if there is some reason to select other than the default option. When finished, click Apply. HTTP Redirect
HTTP Redirect

Secure Redirection
To direct all traffic your secure site (https:// instead of http://), you must add a new site and install the SSL certificate on that site instead. The steps bellow will show you how to do so.
Step 1
Install a Dedicated SSL Certificate on Windows Server 2008 and follow the first six steps. Then complete the steps outlined below.
Step 2
Within IIS Manager, expand the tree on the left-hand frame and select Sites. Click Add Web Site from the right-hand frame. Desktop search
Desktop search
Step 3
Enter the required information:
  • Site name
    Enter a descriptive name to differentiate the non-secure site from this secure site.
  • Physical path
    Click the elipsis (...) button and select the folder where the website files are stored.
  • Type
    Select https from the drop-down box.
  • IP address
    Select the IP address that the domain resolves.
  • Port
    Leave the port as the default 443.
  • SSL certificate
    Select the correct certificate for the domain from the drop-down box.
When finished, click OK to create the secure website. Add Web Site screen
Add Web Site screen
Step 4
The site has been added to the list and should be started. Navigate to the non-secure website and test re-direction to the secure site. Overview of Sites
Overview of Sites