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Add Additional IPs to a Windows Server 2008

Learn how to add an IP address that you have ordered from the 1&1 Control Panel to your Windows Server 2008.

Dedicated Servers come with one IP address. It is possible to order additional IP addresses through the 1&1 Control Panel. When ordering additional IP addresses, 1&1 ensures that the IP is set to route correctly to your individual server however it is still necessary to add this IP address to the operating system to ensure the server knows which additional IPs are available to use.

Step 2
Once logged into your server via Remote Desktop, go to the Control Panel via the Start menu. Start menu
Start menu
Step 3
A new window will appear with the Control Panel options. Click on View network status and tasks.
Control Panel
Control Panel
Step 4
Click the Local Area Connection link. Network and Sharing Center
Network and Sharing Center
Step 5
The Local Area Connection Status window will open. Click the Properties button to open the Local Area Connection Properties window. Local Area Connection Status
Local Area Connection Status
Step 6
Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list, but be sure not not uncheck the box. Then click on Properties.
Networking menu
Networking menu
Step 7
If not already selected, click the radio button for Use the following IP address selection. General properties of IP 4
General properties of IP 4
Step 8
If Use the following IP address has not already been selected, enter the following information:
  • IP address: Enter the Initial IP address that came with your server. This should be the same IP you entered when connecting via Remote Desktop and should be listed at the top of the Remote Desktop window.
  • Subnet mask: Every IP must use as the subnet mask. Using other subnet masks may cause your IP to become unreachable.
  • Default gateway: is the default gateway for all 1&1 Dedicated Servers
IP addresses
IP addresses

When finished, click the Advanced to add the additional IP address(es) you have ordered through the 1&1 Control Panel.
IP addresses
IP addresses
Step 9
You will now see your initial IP address for your server that you added in the last window. To add additional IPs, click the Add... button. IP Settings
IP Settings
Step 10
A new window appears. Type in (one of) your newly purchased IPs keeping the subnet mask as and when finished, click Add. New addresses added
New addresses added
Step 11
If you have purchased more than one additional IP addresses, repeat the last two steps again. When finished, click OK.
IP settings screen
IP settings screen
Step 12
Click OK to save the changes to the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties. Changes to IPv4 properties
Changes to IPv4 properties
Step 13
If you receive a warning about the default gateway and subnet mask, click Yes to save the configuration.
Warning message
Warning message
Step 14
Click Close to save your changes to the Local Area Connection Properties and to close the window.
Networking connections
Networking connections
Please note:
The operating system will now apply the changes you have made, adding the additional IPs to the server. It is common for the Remote Desktop session to hang or to even produce a Lost Connection notice. Please wait for the connection to re-establish itself.
Lost Connection
Lost Connection

When the Remote Desktop session begins responding again, it is advised to restart the server. The IPs should be added already and responding at this time, but please reboot and double-check that there are no problems.

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