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What is the Apache Webserver Configuration?

You can adjust the Apache Webserver properties to your needs by editing a control file. You can list various commands in this file enabling you to control access to a directory, to have custom error pages, to list the content of directories, etc.

The control file .htaccess can be placed in various directories of your site. Please note that commands in a .htaccess file affect all subdirectories as well.

Whenever using mod_rewrite and/or the rewrite engine, it may not function properly on standard shared hosting and/or managed servers without the following line added before it in the .htaccess file:

The following is a list of directives which can be used in a .htaccess file:

Command Description
ErrorDocument Define your own custom error pages
AddType Assign a MIME-Type to a file ending
RewriteEngine Activate mod_rewrite module
Allow/Deny Host or IP based access control
FilesMatch File based access control
AuthType "Basic" password check
Redirect Redirection to another page or site
Options (de)activate index, symbolic links, etc.
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