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What is a 1&1 Managed Server?

1&1 Managed Servers are similar to shared hosting accounts, but instead of sharing the resources of the server with other customers, you are the only user on the machine. Most of the administration of a managed server account occurs through the 1&1 Control Panel.
A managed server, unlike a dedicated server, does not come with administrator or root privileges. Therefore, no custom or additional software can be installed manually.

Backups of 1&1 Managed Servers are managed by you, so we recommended that you perform backups of any crucial data. In severe situations, 1&1 may be able to provide a backup as a courtesy if a backup remains from the requested period.

Please note:
A 1&1 Managed Server cannot be configured as a mail server. However, it is possible to change the MX record for a domain, so that external mail servers can handle mail for your domain(s).
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