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Space Quota on a 1&1 Managed Server

1&1 Managed Servers are partitioned into two main areas, system space and customer space. Below you will find what they include:

  • System space includes the kernel, webserver, log control system and the ftp server. The system has in total about 8GB of partitions assigned to it.
  • The customer space includes all customer variable data from the files uploaded through ftp for web hosting, the logs for web, ftp & mail usage and the MySQL databases.

Databases, although stored within the data partition, are held under a different system user for security reasons. Databases use up the available quota of the customer data partition. This data is not displayed as customer quota.

Please note:
The available space shown in the 1&1 Control Panel represents that data available to the customer and owned by the customer users. The database space is hidden from these calculations, but should be considered for your site's growth.
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