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MySQL for 1&1 Managed Server

MySQL for 1&1 Managed Server differ slightly from 1&1 WebHosting. Below you will find a list of the most common traits.

  • You can set up 100 MySQL databases on your 1&1 Managed Server.
  • The databases for 1&1 Managed Server are stored on the server's hard drive. This allows you to utilise all of the server's resources and provides quicker response time. The MySQL databases can be as large as needed. Databases for 1&1 WebHosting are hosted on a server farm.
  • The host address for MySQL databases is localhost. For MySQL5 databases, you must also specify the correct socket to connect, which you can add to the end of the host address: localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock. The information for each database created can be found in the MySQL Administration section of your 1&1 Control Panel.
  • There is no MySQL size limit on 1&1 Managed Server. Customers can use the entire disk space of the server for their MySQL databases. Ideally, the MySQL databases should not consume more than one third of the disk capacity.
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