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Create a Customised Error Page for 1&1 Managed Server

This article will show you how to create a individual error page.

If you activate PHP Module in your 1&1 Managed Server Settings, your own customised Error Pages will only function if it is defined via the .htaccess file. It is not possible to call up a file named error404.html or error404.cgi in the /cgi-bin directory when no corresponding specification exists in the .htaccess file. To insert such a specification, follow these steps.

Please note:
In this example, it is assumed that an Error 404 file exists and has been saved as error404.html in the same directory as the .htaccess.
Step 1
Open the .htaccess file in Notepad or your preferred text editor.
Step 2
Insert the following line:
ErrorDocument 404 error404.html
Step 3
Rename the file to htaccess.txt.
Step 4
Using FTP, transfer this file to the main directory of your webspace. You can also rename the file to .htaccess there.
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