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Order a Dedicated SSL Certificate

Learn how to order a dedicated SSL Certificate for your 1&1 Server.

If you have a hosting package, please see how to Set Up a Starter SSL Certificate for Hosting Packages.

SSL Certificates work by encrypting data that is transmitted between one of your site visitors and your server. This reduces the chance that others intercept sensitive data transferred between your server and your visitors, such as credit card data.

Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Click the Manage SSL Certificates link from the Domains panel.
Click SSL Certificate for encryption
Domains > Manage SSL Certificates

Step 3
If your package did not come with an SSL certificate as part of your package, click the Secure Your Website button. SSL Certificates overview page
SSL Certificates overview page

You will be taken to the 1&1 shop to purchase either the Starter SSL or Starter SSL Plus certificate. After you have completed the entire checkout process, you can return to the 1&1 Control Panel to follow the remaining steps.

1&1 Shop page
1&1 Shop page
Step 4
Click the Set up SSL Certificate button. SSL Certificates overview page
SSL Certificates overview page
Step 5
Select the domain the SSL certificate will be used for. You must tick the box that signifies that you have read and agree with the terms of use. You can then click the Set Up SSL Certificate button. Set Up SSL Certifcate page
Set Up SSL Certifcate page
Step 6
Click the Download Private Key button and save your private key in a safe location as it is only issued once during ordering and will be needed for SSL renewals. Neither 1&1 nor GeoTrust keep record of the private key issued. Download Private Key page
Download Private Key page
Step 7
Click the Go to Overview button. Instructions on how to install the SSL certificate can be found in the "further information" box at the bottom of this page. Installation page
Installation page