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Use the Recovery Tool

The Recovery Tool is a function in the 1&1 Control Panel which allows you to reboot the machine at any time. It also enables you to choose in which mode to boot:

  • Normal
    Boots normally, loading the operating system from the hard disk in the server.
  • Rescue
    There may be one or more rescue options available depending on your package. The rescue option will load an operating system to your server's memory instead of booting the operating system from your hard drive. This provides you with a working OS in cases where you server will not boot up, allowing you to backup/restore data or make configuration changes.
Please note:
A reboot is a hard reset, comparable to hitting the reset button on your computer. When the server is reset using the Recovery Tool, the machine does not go through the normal shutdown procedure. The power is cut momentarily and the machine goes through the normal boot procedure.
Step 1
Log in to your 1&1 Control Panel and select the relevant package.
Step 2
Under Server Administration click on Recovery Tool.Server Administration panel
Server Administration panel
Step 3
Under Recovery Action, check the box for Reboot now and select a boot option for boot in.
  • Normal system
    Choosing the normal system will issue a standard reset and boot from the operating system installed on the hard drive.
  • Linux Rescue System
    Choosing a Linux Rescue System option will reset and boot the server into the Rescue System chosen which is stored in the server's memory. The data stored on your server's hard drive(s) will still be accessible using this option.
Click Next when you are finished. Recovery Action options
Recovery Action options
Step 4
You are shown a confirmation page with the details of your selection. If you have chosen a Linux Rescue option, take note of the new password. Verify the rest of the information and click OK to confirm and issue the reboot now.
Please note:
When issuing a reboot command from the Linux Rescue System command prompt, the server will reboot into the Rescue System because the boot option can only be set via the 1&1 Control Panel. Choose the Normal system option and choose to reboot now to boot the server back into the normal operating system.
New password displayed
New password displayed
Step 5
You are informed that the process was successful. Click on Go To Overview to return to the Recovery Tool page.
Please note:
If the process failed, or timed out, attempt the same steps again. If you continue to have problems, contact our Dedicated Server Support Team.
Reboot has begun
Reboot has begun
Step 6
A notification will state that a process is currently running and that no action can be taken at this time. You may now ping the server to determine when the reboot is complete or click Refresh. Once the reboot options are displayed again, the server should have completed the reboot process. Reboot in progress
Reboot in progress