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Access a Linux Server via the Serial Console

Learn how to connect to your server via the Serial Console using a Windows PC.

Step 1
To connect via SSH, download a SSH client, such as PuTTY
Step 3
Double-click the putty.exe file to start the program. For the hostname, enter sercon.onlinehome-server.com and then click the Open. PuTTY Configuration
PuTTY Configuration
Step 4
Enter your Serial Console username and press ENTER. PuTTY command
PuTTY command
Step 5
Enter your Serial Console password and click ENTER.
Please note:
As you type, no characters will show on to prevent bystanders from guessing your password.
Password entered
Password entered
Step 6
Once connected to your server, you will see a line listing the escape character such as Escape character is '^]'. followed by some output from your server. Press ENTER to access your server's command/login prompt. Server connected
Server connected
Step 7
Now you should see the login prompt or command prompt. If you are given the login prompt, log in to your server as root using the root password to begin making changes to your system. Login prompt
Login prompt
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