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Dedicated Server Linux

A dedicated server linux is a server with the following main features:

  • You are its only user; you do not have to share it with any other customers.
  • By giving you full access rights to your root server, we want to give you the freedom to carry out your own wishes and ideas. However, it also means that you have to look after the administration of your server yourself because we cannot include every customer's particular adjustments in our administrative tasks;
  • You can log on to the server as root (= administrator), which is to say you have all the access rights to it.
  • 1&1 provides the server, the linux operating system pre-installed, for you in its data centre; from this point on you are responsible for the administration of the server.
  • From the time at which it is provided onwards, you are responsible for any administrative tasks such as security, backing up and configuration. In the event of damage to the hardware we will, of course, replace the faulty components as quickly as possible and free of charge.