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What is the Difference Between the 1&1 Cloud Server and the 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server?

The 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server was the first cloud server product offered by 1&1 since December 2009. Starting in February 2015, 1&1 started offering its new cloud server platform, named simply the 1&1 Cloud Server.

The 1&1 Cloud Server has many improvements over the 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server in terms of both technical advancements, such as deploying a Virtual Machine in less than 55 seconds, increasing your server's resources without downtime, SSD storage and more, as well as included features such as unlimited traffic, configurable load balancer and advanced server monitoring.

Unfortunately there is no way to migrate our existing 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server customers to the new 1&1 Cloud Server platform. If you have a 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server and would like to switch to the new 1&1 Cloud Server, you should Contact Us to have a Server Support Agent look into your account and offer some guidance on making the transition.