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What is the 1&1 Cloud Server?

The 1&1 Cloud Server uses the latest virtualisation technology and next-generation architecture to store, access and share data.

Because resources are available virtually, users can benefit from ultimate flexibility, with the ability to change their server configuration at any time. This allows companies to dynamically manage hardware and software to align them with the scope and requirements of IT projects.

The 1&1 Cloud Server also offers enhanced security and availability, with hardware components automatically taking over in the event of another one failing.

Differences between the 1&1 Cloud Server and 1&1 Dedicated/Virtual Servers

There are some important differences between the 1&1 Cloud Server and our other server products.

While a dedicated server is completely contained within a single defined set of server hardware, our cloud solution can store data across a number of devices connected to the Internet, allowing resources to be configured more flexibly.

A virtual server is a single virtualised segment of one physical server, whereas our cloud server gives you the ability to scale multiple virtual machines without limits.

Minute-based billing

The 1&1 Cloud Server accurately tracks costs by the minute to provide flexible and transparent billing for your server usage, ensuring that you only pay for what you use. You are charged at the end of each month according to your usage of the server resources you previously configured in your 1&1 Cloud Panel – e.g. each vCore, GB of RAM and 100 GB of storage you add to a server has a per minute price. Your total usage of these resources is then used to calculate your monthly costs at the end of the monthly billing cycle. You can access a full breakdown of all your past and future expenses at any time via the Interactive Invoice tool.

Apps included with the 1&1 Cloud Server

The 1&1 Cloud Server comes with some of the most popular website-building applications: WordPress, Drupal™ and Magento®. This means you can deploy a new server with apps already installed, allowing you to quickly and easily begin work on your website or project in a few clicks.


Hot-add-resize is a feature of the 1&1 Cloud Server that allows you to reconfigure a virtual machine without downtime. In practice, this means that you can add extra resources to a server without the need to temporarily deactivate it.

Load balancing

Load balancing is a 1&1 Cloud Server feature that allows you to distribute your traffic workload between several servers in your package. By using load balancing, you can ensure the best possible performance for your websites at all times.