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VMware Tools for 1&1 Cloud Server

Find out how to check which version of VMware Tools you are currently using and to verify the process status.

VMware Tools is a collection of programs and device drivers that allow your 1&1 Cloud Server to run smoothly. Installed directly on guest operating systems, they improve not only the performance of your server, but offer you additional functions that simplify the administration of a virtual machine (VM).

Please note:
The tools are pre-installed in our standard images. If the Tools are missing, you can install them through the DVD-Drive function (e.g. after a ISO installation).
Verify installed Version
  • Linux:
    :~# vmware-toolbox-cmd -v (build-1280544)

  • Windows: Open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and click on VMware Tools. The version will be stated in the About section.

Are the VmWare Tools running?
  • Linux:
    :~# status vmware-tools
    vmware-tools start/running

  • Windows: Check the Task Manager to see if the vmtoolsd.exe process (VMware Tools Core Service) is running.