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Using Virtual Machines with the 1&1 Cloud Server

What is a virtual machine?

A virtual machine is a computing term that refers to a specific set of resources running within a set of physical hardware, using software (virtualisation technology) to effectively function as a separate computer system. A cloud solution provides the ability to dynamically reallocate performance resources by creating and configuring virtual machines within server hardware.

Multiple servers within one 1&1 Cloud Server package

Within a single 1&1 Cloud Server package, you can set up unlimited virtual machines, each one functioning as a separate server in its own right. This means that in practice, your 1&1 Cloud Server can actually consist of any number of individually configured virtual servers. You can create a new server at any time via the 1&1 Cloud Panel – just choose your initial configuration to get started, and reconfigure whenever you need to. Server setup is also extremely fast – a new virtual machine can be ready in just 55 seconds.