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Move a 1&1 Cloud Server to another Data Centre

For 1&1 Cloud Servers

Learn how to clone a 1&1 Cloud Server in another 1&1 data centre.

Step 1
Click Cloud Panel from the 1&1 Servers section of the Control Panel. 1&1 Control Panel
1&1 Control Panel
Step 2
Click the radio button next to the virtual machine in question. Servers menu
Servers menu
Step 3
Select Clone from the Actions drop-down menu. Servers menu
Servers menu
Step 4
Click Advanced Options. Cloning server menu
Cloning server menu
Step 5
Select the desired data centre.

A new IP is assigned to the cloned server. Some applications such as Plesk will not run correctly if the IP address changes. Check the configuration of your applications and adjust it as necessary.

Additionally, the following resources must be set up separately for each data centre:

  • Shared storages
  • Load balancers
  • Private networks
  • VPN
When you're finished, click Yes. Cloning server menu
Cloning server menu
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