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Connect Shared Storage to 1&1 Cloud Server Windows

Find out how to access Shared Storage from your 1&1 Cloud Server.

After you have created Shared Storage in your Cloud Panel, you can integrate it into your Server as a network drive.

Step 1
Open the dialogue box to connect a new network drive with Explorer > Computer > Connect Network Drive.
Step 2
Enter the CIFS Path from the Cloud Panel (A). Check the box next to Connect using different credentials (B). Click on Finish to proceed (C). Map Network Drive prompt
Map Network Drive prompt
Step 3
Enter the Username and Password into the login page. You can find the login information under Storage User Administration in your Cloud Panel. Click on OK. Windows Security network login screen
Windows Security network login screen
Please note:
The username is the same for all storages. Enter the exact username stated in your Cloud Panel (i.e. including "nas1/"). If you have forgotten the password, you can enter a new one in the Cloud Panel.
Step 4
Alternatively, you can also use command-line interface and enter the following command:
net use Z: \\vid12345.nas1.lan\vid12345 /user:nas1\uid12345 password