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1&1 Cloud Security

1&1 Data Centres

The 1&1 Cloud Server is hosted in 1&1 Data Centres – among the most secure and efficient in Europe. Redundant technology guarantees the highest levels of reliability – if one hardware component fails, another one takes over automatically. Our uninterruptable power supply (UPS) also helps to ensure top levels of server availability.

Security compared to other server products

1&1 maintains the highest security standards for all server products, ensuring that the 1&1 Cloud Server guarantees the same top levels of security offered by our dedicated and virtual servers. The built-in firewall, plus IDS/IPS and SIEM technology, ensure that threats to your 1&1 Cloud Server are safely detected and blocked. Advanced data center security measures also meet top standards of data protection, meaning that the 1&1 Cloud Server is far more secure than an in-house server at your own location.

Data backup

With 1&1 backup features, you can set up incremental backups and snapshots to restore data in the event of it becoming lost or corrupted. Restore from any time and of any data is possible, quickly and efficiently.