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Switch a Mail Server from Qmail to Postfix

Qmail and Postfix are mail servers native to Linux. Below you will find information on how to find out which mail server is currently being used as well as how to switch. Newer versions of Plesk install with Postfix as the default mail server but when upgrading older versions of Plesk, Qmail may remain the default mail server. It is suggested to use Postfix.

Please note:
Additional action may be required for other programs, utilities, scripts etc. to adapt to this change. Forward this article to your server administrator to perform any additional steps.
Command Line Method (Recommended)
Step 1
Log in to your server via SSH (Secure Shell). To check which mail server you are currently using, /usr/local/psa/admin/bin_us/mailmng --features | grep -i smtp_server.
Step 2
To switch from Qmail to Postfix enter /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/autoinstaller --select-release-current --install-component postfix.

Plesk Method
Step 1
Step 2
From the left-hand menu, select Tools & Utilities.
Server Management > Tools & Utilities
Server Management > Tools & Utilities
Step 3
Click on Updates link from the Panel section.Panel > Updates
Panel > Updates
Step 4
Under Summary, click on Add Components.Products summary
Products summary
Step 5
Select Postfix mailserver from the list and then click the Continue. List of product components
List of product components
Step 6
As the upgrade runs, a log of actions being performed is shown on the page as well as a progress bar toward the top-right of the page. Typically such an upgrade should not run longer than 15 minutes. Operations log
Operations log
Step 7
A message will be displayed when the upgrade has completed successfully. Click on OK to return to the update panel or close the session. Confirmation message
Confirmation message
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