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What is a Virus Protection Module?

The Virus Protection Module scans your E-mails for viruses, worms and Trojan horses before they reach your Inbox. All E-mails and attachments are checked and those infected with a virus will be cleaned and marked with "virus removed". In some cases Virus Protection will not be able to clean the message. In this event the infected attachment will be deleted. Script-based components, such as Java and ActiveX are also scanned.

Enabling Virus Protection is available to most 1&1 Mail Basic mailboxes as a free option via the E-mail account's settings. This will ensure that incoming mail is free of viruses before arriving at your mailbox. 1&1 uses Symantec CarrierScan Servers in our Data Centres, so new virus definition files and remedies are available to us within a few hours via Symantec's LiveUpdate.

Check the Symantec virus list to see which viruses are currently known and can be filtered.

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