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Set Up SPAM Report

The article below shows you how to turn on the SPAM report.

The SPAM report informs you about the E-mails that has been moved to the SPAM folder. The SPAM folder is not accessible from E-mail programs if the account has been set up as a POP3 account. If the E-mail account has been setup in an E-mail program using IMAP and the SPAM folder is not accessible, reset your SPAM folder list.

Step 2
From the SPAM settings page, ensure that User defined is enabled and check the box for Send a daily spam report to enable the daily report.
SPAM settings overview
SPAM settings overview

When the User defined level is used and the text pattern profiler is disabled, you can check the box next to Add the spam marker. It will add the text "[SPAM?]" to the subject line of E-mails, suspected to be SPAM. SPAM mails will be stored in the Inbox and not in the SPAM folder.

Spam options with [SPAM?] marker
Spam options with [SPAM?] marker
Please note:
The text pattern profiler uses E-mails found in your SPAM folder to identify unwanted E-mails as SPAM. Its settings can be changed when the User defined option is enabled. When enabled, the text pattern profiler will not add the [SPAM] marker to the subject line of SPAM mailings.
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