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Schedule Future Facebook/Twitter Posts Using 1&1 Social Media Hub

For 1&1 MyWebsite with the 1&1 Social Media Hub add-on

Follow the steps below to schedule a Facebook or Twitter post to publish on a specific date.

Step 1
Step 2
Under Website/Applications, click on 1&1 Social Media Manager. Website/Applications panel
Website/Applications panel
Step 3
Type your post into the text box, choose which social media sites the post is intended for and then click on Publish later.New post
New post
Step 4
Select a date by clicking a day on the calendar. Use the arrows above the calendar to change the month.

Select the time that the post should be published by using the drop down menus.

When finished, click Schedule Post. Calendar for post
Calendar for post

A confirmation will appear, confirming that the post was scheduled for publishing. Confirmation message

Confirmation message

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