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Order the 1&1 Social Media Hub

For 1&1 MyWebsite with the 1&1 Social Media Hub add-on

Follow the steps below to order the 1&1 Social Media Hub for your 1&1 MyWebsite package, connecting your website to Facebook and Twitter.

Step 1
Step 2
Click Upgrade from the menu on the right. 1&1 MyWebsite start page
1&1 MyWebsite start page
Step 3
Click the 1&1 products link. Package expansion options
Package expansion options
Step 4
Search for Click 1&1 Social Media Hub under the Promote Your Website section of the page and click the Choose button. 1&1 Social Media Hub details
1&1 Social Media Hub details
Step 5
Review your selection and click Continue. Shopping basket contens
Shopping basket contens
Step 6
Read the Terms and Conditions of both Facebook and 1&1 by clicking the corresponding links. Check the boxes to signify that you have read the terms and agree to them as well. Order summary
Order summary

When the order is complete, a confirmation will be displayed. Confirmation message

Confirmation message

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