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Register your 1&1 MyWebsite Using Google Webmaster Tools

Learn how to register your 1&1 MyWebsite using Google Webmaster Tools.

Registering your site with Google can increase your Google search ranking.

Please note:
You must have an active google e-mail account in order to use Google Webmaster Tools.
Step 1
Access Google Webmaster Tools, enter your password and click Sign in. Sign in page
Sign in page
Step 2
Enter the URL of your website and click Add Property. Webmaster tools home page
Webmaster tools home page
Step 3
Complete the following:
  • Click Alternate methods.
  • Select HTML tag.
  • Copy the provided meta tag.
  • Click Verify.
Configuration screen
Configuration screen
Step 4
Access your 1&1 MyWebsite editor and open the Settings menu from the toolbar. From the Settings menu, select Edit Head Section. Settings menu
Settings menu
Step 5
Paste the meta tag you copied as instructed in step 3 into the textbox and then click Save. Edit Head section
Edit Head section